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About Wordpress Theme Detector


If you're a WordPress user, you know that choosing the right theme is crucial for your website's success.

However, with thousands of themes available, it can be challenging to determine which one a site is using. 

That's where the WordPress theme detector tool comes in. It allows you to scan any WordPress site to identify the theme on which WordPress is built and the plugins being used on the website, all with just a single click.

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What Theme is this? What Plugin is that?

Every WordPress user, whether an expert or a newbie, shares a common question when starting a new project: "Which theme and plugins are being used on this website?" Because if they know which themes and plugins their competitors are using, they can easily create a similar website for themselves or for their clients.


Why Do You Need a WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector Tool?

If you come across a WordPress website that you like and want to use the same theme, a theme detector tool can assist you in identifying the theme. This can save you time and effort that you would otherwise spend on searching for the theme manually. Additionally, you can use the tool to discover:

  • The author of the theme
  • The theme version
  • Plugins used on the theme
  • And much more.

Who uses the WordPress theme detector tool?

The WordPress theme detector tool is utilised by website owners, developers, designers, and individuals interested in identifying the themes being used on WordPress-powered websites. This tool proves beneficial for those seeking design inspiration, analysing competitors' websites, or ensuring compatibility when working with similar themes for their own projects.


Which is the Best WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector Online?

The Hash Digital Tools WordPress Theme Detector is the #1, most accurate online tool for detecting WordPress website themes and plugins.


How to Use the WordPress Theme Detector

Simply visit the Hash Digital Tools WordPress Theme Detector tool and follow these two simple steps:

  • Paste the copied website/domain URL into the search box.
  • Click on the Submit Button.

Now you will be able to see the theme name and the names of all the plugins used on the website.

Note: If the website is not built on WordPress, the tool will display the message "This does not look like a WordPress Site; it may be a highly customised theme.

What is a WordPress theme detector tool?

A WordPress theme detector tool is an online tool that helps you to check which theme a WordPress website is using. The tool analyses a website's source code and extracts information about the theme, including its name, version, author, and other details.


How Does a WordPress Online Theme Detector Tool Work?

A WordPress online theme detector tool functions by examining a website's code to identify its theme. When you enter a website's URL, the tool analyses its HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code to spot patterns associated with WordPress themes. If the website is built on the wordpress it shows the name and further detail of the theme.


Can the WordPress Detector Detect All Plugins and Themes' names?

Yes, you can verify this using our tool.


How to Detect Which Plugins a Website Is Using?

Certainly, you can check the names of the plugins used on a website. Simply visit the HashDigitalTools WordPress Theme Detector and enter the website's URL. The tool will then show you the plugins that are being used on the website.


How to Identify the WooCommerce Theme Name?

Most users want to know which WooCommerce theme is being used in a store. This can be determined by using an online tool or by manually inspecting the website's code to search for the theme name. You can utilise our free online theme checker to examine the theme and plugin details of a WordPress WooCommerce store.


Can you detect which web hosting that site is using?

Yes, now you can check which hosting a website is using. You can visit our domain hosting checker tool to see which hosting that website/domain is using.


How to Find Out the Name and Details of a WordPress Theme Development Company?

If you're interested in identifying the theme development company, you can utilise our free online WordPress theme detector tool to uncover the author or the theme itself. However, if the theme has been heavily customised, detecting the theme company's name might be more challenging.


How to Detect a WordPress Theme Without Inspecting the Website?

Detecting a WordPress website without inspecting its code has become easier. Follow these steps:

  • Visit hashdigitools.com theme detector
  • Use the WordPress theme detector tool.
  • Paste the URL of the website you want to check in the detector and press the search button.

Within seconds, it will display the details without requiring manual inspection.


Expert Tips on Choosing the Best WordPress Theme

Define Your Needs: Clearly outline the purpose of your website, its content, and the features you require. Whether it's a blog, portfolio, e-commerce site, or business website, knowing your needs will guide your theme selection.

Responsive Design: Choose a theme that is fully responsive, ensuring your website looks and functions well on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.

Speed and Performance: Opt for a lightweight and well-coded theme to ensure fast loading times. A slow website can negatively impact user experience and SEO.

SEO-Friendly: Look for a theme that's built with clean and SEO-friendly code. Good SEO practices can help your website rank better in search engine results.

Customization Options: Choose a theme that offers a good balance between customization and ease of use. A theme with a user-friendly customization panel can save you time and effort.

Browser Compatibility: Ensure the theme is compatible with major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge to provide a consistent experience for all users.

Plugin Compatibility: Check if the theme is compatible with popular WordPress plugins. This flexibility allows you to add extra functionality without compatibility issues.

Regular Updates: Opt for a theme that is regularly updated by its developers. Regular updates ensure compatibility with the latest version of WordPress and help maintain security.

Support and Documentation: Choose a theme from developers who offer excellent customer support and thorough documentation. This will be invaluable if you encounter any issues.

Reviews and Ratings: Research user reviews and ratings for the theme. This can provide insights into real-world experiences and potential problems.

Demo Sites: Explore the theme's demo sites to see how it looks and functions. This can give you a better understanding of its design and features.

Security: Prioritize themes from reputable sources to reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities.

Translations and Multilingual Support: If you need your website to be available in multiple languages, choose a theme that supports translation plugins and offers multilingual features.

Consider Premium Themes: While free themes can be great, premium themes often offer more advanced features, better support, and greater customization options.

Avoid Overly Trendy Designs: While trendy designs can be appealing, they might become outdated quickly. Opt for a timeless and versatile design that can withstand changing trends.


By keeping these tips in mind, you'll be better equipped to choose a WordPress theme that aligns with your website's goals and provides an optimal user experience.